GraphDB 1.2.6

released 2007-07-03. Bugfix release.

  • bugfix: While assigning METADATA and RESULTS the client messed up assigned values.
  • bugfix: List of GRAPH GROUPS is not shown when the CREATE GRAPH WIZARD is started.
  • bugfix: Client did not exit when the user was not authenticated.
  • bugfix: Fixed some localizations.
  • bugfix: Quote field was editable, intended to be a dropdown box only.

2007-05-09 GraphDB Documentation Finished

By now, the initial documentation has been finished. The basic elements that are used throughout GraphDB are explained in detail. In addition all occurring workflows have been documented with pictures and step by step tutorials.

GraphDB 1.2.5

released 2007-04-24. Bugfix release.

  • bugfix: The business object USER had some strange fields, which were mixed up due to translation.
  • bugfix: The business object USER used the SURNAME field as login name. Added a login name field.
  • bugfix: The server now finds the server configuration file in TOMCAT as well as in the development server, so configuration does not need to be hard coded for the live system any more.
  • bugfix: The new scheduler system didn't work as expected in TOMCAT due to wrong communication compatibility. Fixed all.
  • bugfix: Fixed some translations.
  • bugfix: LOGIN,LOGOUT,PASSWORD CHANGE didn't work as expected due to the wrong use of a SINGLETON CALL. Fixed all.
  • bugfix: Updated some DATABASE TABLES and according SQL STATEMENTS.
  • bugfix: Some other minor fixes, which occurred while testing.

GraphDB 1.2.0

released 2006-10-13. Bugfix and feature release.

  • feature: added quotes / the possibility to cite graphs
  • feature: added more monitors such that the user knows the client is still working but busy
  • feature: user is now aware how many transfers are open
  • feature: progress of binary transfer is visible now
  • feature: client and server now support upload resume
  • feature: speedup for up/download
  • feature: speedup for getting much data from server to client
  • feature: logindata can now be stored from within the loginpanel
  • feature: metadata and results were reviewed again and adapted more to their semantics
  • bugfix: fixed a thread state exception occured in the logging panel
  • bugfix: reviewed answers generated by server to reduce communication overhead
  • bugfix: reviewed how to behave in the case the MD5 value changes or something else and the file isn't completely uploaded already
  • bugfix: file transfer stopped sometimes when very large files should be transfered
  • bugfix: default button on wizard pages weren't sometimes enabled
  • bugfix: 0-byte files couldn't be submitted, possible now

GraphDB 1.1.0

released 2006-05-16. Bugfix and feature release.

  • feature: reviewed GUI and made it more intuitive
  • feature: reviewed results
  • feature: more quicksearch buttons in the query panel (public,semipublic,private,uploaded)
  • feature: modified upload graphs such that adding folders is possible
  • feature: added a status bar indicating current activities
  • feature: beautified tooltips
  • feature: wizard pages only occur if an interaction is possible
  • feature: user preferences are stored now in '.GraphDB' in the home directory
  • feature: inherited data is shown now
  • feature: added icons to indicate status of different objects (check it out yourself which ones)
  • feature: server stores passwords now by hash value
  • bugfix: server doesn't need to reboot if user changes password to take effect
  • bugfix: wrong search results if query chooses metadata not assigned
  • bugfix: scrollbars weren't visible in the metadata/result assignment so some metadata/results weren't visisble in some lists
  • bugfix: value assignment of metadata/result had an selection bug storing a null value instead of the given one

GraphDB 1.0.3

released 2006-03-20. Bugfix and feature release.

  • feature: session based communication allows now to log in multiple times
  • feature: changed way of localization, add into appProperties two lines 'LANGUAGE=de' 'COUNTRY=DE' or get the en,US version by default
  • fixed bug: session based communication wasn't initialized in a proper way

GraphDB 1.0.2

released 2006-03-06. Bugfix and feature release.

  • fixed bug: query mode didn't work properly on 'not assigned' expressions
  • feature: query now removes double matches found both on group and graph level
  • fixed bug: metadata assignment on levels below graphgroup didn't work properly

GraphDB 1.0.1

released 2006-02-27. Bugfix and feature release.

  • feature: modified input fields and dialogs to enable auto wrap
  • fixed bug: can't save graphs with directory structure launched

released 2006-02-01

GraphDB 1.0.0

released 2005-12-23

  • stable release version 1.0.0

former announcements

  • Released 0.9a testrelease including user preferences
  • Released 0.8a reduced server load and introduced nice levels on requests
  • Released 0.7a last change of DB-structure, upward data compatibility is now guaranteed
  • Released 0.6a some GUI updates were necessary because of 0.5a
  • Released 0.5a major changes in communication behaviour
  • Released version 0.3b with some IO bugfixes
  • Introducing a new GUI in version 0.3a
  • Due to an update of the communication library GraphDB is limited to work only with Java 1.5
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